Terms and conditions

For a correct use of the website www.vincentbottesi.com


Information about the Seller

The www.vincentbottesi.com website is maintained and operated by the company Vincent Bottesi SARL (LLC), firm that comes under French law, with registered capital of EUR 1.000, whose registered office is located at 41 Avenue des Allobroges 26100 ROMANS SUR ISERE France, phone number +33(07)862 700 35, registered in Grenoble Trade and Companies Register under number B 534 915 707.

General Manager : Mr. Vincent Bottesi
Siret (business identification number) : 53491570700010
Business : retail sale of clothing in specialized stores (4771Z)

Contact information of www.vincentbottesi.com customer service :

Customer service France : 0 475 479 048
E-mail address : contact@vincentbottesi.com

In our relations to our customers, we always search for appropriate and flexible solutions, notably concerning juridical matters. If any problems are encountered in the various processes, please contact our customer service. If an amicable solution cannot be settled with our services, the customer will keep his/her full rights. You will find in the following paragraphs all the details of implementation and the Terms and Conditions of Sale. If you are wishing to download or print a copy of this document or your orders data, please refer to Article 2 in these Terms and Conditions.


1. Applicability and definitions

These Terms and Conditions (and all the documents referred to) apply in their current version, at the time the order is completed (hereafter Terms and Conditions of Sale) to all orders placed by any customers (hereafter «you ») via this website with the company Vincent Bottesi (hereafter « we »). You agree to acknowledge and to commit to these conditions as well as the rights and responsibilities that result from them before ordering any products from the site. The validation of your order implies full agreement of these present Terms and Conditions.

All our deliveries, services and offers are exclusively governed by these present Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing and in an explicit manner. We reserve the right to oppose to any specific general conditions that would be contrary or derogatory to these present Terms and Conditions of Sale.

We commercialize our creations only via this online boutique. These present Terms and Conditions of Sale are valid for this boutique.

The « customer » refers to a natural person placing an order which is not related to any commercial or liberal professional activity. A « professional » as defined in these Terms and Conditions, is a natural or legal individual who, when she or he places an order, acts within the framework of and on behalf of her or his commercial or liberal professional activity. The word « client » may refer to a customer as well as a « professional ».

The terms « working day » as defined in these Terms and Conditions refer to all the days of the week, except Saturday, Sundays and national holidays.


2. Conditions of registration

When you subscribe, you agree to provide accurate, current and complete information about you. The username and password to access the site are private information that should not be divulged to third parties. After having finalized your registration, you will receive a confirmation via Email message.

You are fully responsible for the contents of your publications in the space reserved to our members. These contents (such as personal comments) should not violate or infringe the rights of third parties. We have no obligation to publish or to keep the contents transmitted by you, such as comments or assessments of our products.

We grant us, and we accept it, a free, permanent license with a world-wide validity to enter data aimed at in Article 2-2 with rights to grant other authorizations, for the publication, transmission or reproduction, in the framework of www.vincentbottesi.com website. This license does not entail any obligations for us to exercise these rights.

You agree to abstain from disturbing www.vincentbottesi.com and from using any appearing data without limitation to a simple visit on the site. All kinds of unlawful handlings aiming at obtaining unowed payments or unwarranted benefits to our detriment or in detriment of other members of www.vincentbottesi.com website, will lead to the loss of all rights to access your account.

Each customer can only create one account. We reserve the right to cancel, without notice, any multiple registration and to give these customers notice to cancel registration or to modify without previous notice, the data that contravene the stipulations of articles 2.1 to 2.5.

The registration to our site is free and you may cancel your registration any time you want. It is possible to suppress your personal account by sending an Email message using the contact address from our website.

We reserve the right to reject any registration to the website www.vincentbottesi.com as well as any order placed by a member customer. We have no obligation to provide our services permanently. The sales contract formerly concluded would not be modified or perturbed by possible interruptions of the website.

Our website offers are accessible to all, while stocks last and subject to the individual conditions of each offer. Each member of our community has at her or his disposal a direct access to our online boutique, access under the protection of a password. 3. Downloading and consultation of contract clauses.

You may consult the present Terms and Conditions of sales any time on our website www.vincentbottesi.com. You are free to copy or print this document.

You may moreover archive the contractual conditions of your order by downloading these Terms and Conditions by saving, either the recapitulation of your order placed in our online boutique with our browser or the confirmation via Email of your order which is automatically sent to you after your purchase to the Email address you communicated to us. This confirmation of your order contains the references of your order as well as a link to consult the present Terms and Conditions. You may save or print a copy of the confirmation of your order with the corresponding functionality in your Email box.

The data of your order are saved in our computing system. We put at the disposal of our clients an access to their accounts, protected by a password (click on « My account »). Once your client account is created, you can checked out the placed orders, orders in process and recently dispatched, and also manage and save your personal information (delivery address, billing address and phone number) and subscribe to our newsletter or on the contrary, cancel your subscription. You agree to keep these data confidential and not to divulge them to third parties.

We reserve the right to adapt or modify at any time and without notice, the present Terms and Conditions of Sale. In that case, the various changes would be applicable to any orders intervening after the publication of these « new » Terms and Conditions, modified on the website where you make your purchase.


4. Conclusions of sales contract

On www.vincentbottesi.com website, the contracts are exclusively concluded in French.

The products offers are available as long as they are visible on our website, while stocks last. If a product is no longer available, we will inform you via Email as quickly as possible and we would suggest either a product of an equal or superior quality or the cancellation of your order. In the case of a cancellation of your order, we would fully refund the purchase within 30 days after the cancellation of your order. After that period of time, the paid sums would produce interests to the legal rate in force.

After the selection of your product(s), you will fill the form of your order, you will have to click on the icon « Next ». after that, you check the terms of your order and this way, you could modify them. The icon « Confirmation of your order » will allow you to confirm the order of your goods contained in your basket, your order is then final. We will acknowledge the receipt of your order with a confirmation of order automatically sent to you via Email, thanks to the Email address you gave to us.

All orders imply your acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the products placed in the basket.

In the case of a due payment that would not intervene within the three (3) weeks following the sending of the confirmation of order and in spite of several reminders sent via Email (the first one being sent six days after placing an order), we reserve the right to claim the unilateral cancelation of the contracts and the orders. In the case of a cancellation of contract, we have no obligation to dispatch the goods formerly ordered ; no specific right would come out of this contract to facilitate either parts. This implies that all the ordered articles would be kept aside for you for a period of seventeen (17) days maximum after the day of your order is placed.


5. Price and delivery charges

We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time, but the products will invoiced following the prices in effect at the time the order is completed. The price appearing in our confirmation of order is the final price, in Euros, all taxes included to the legal rate in force. The price does not include the cost of delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing and in an explicit manner, the price must be payable in full and in cash on the day the client made the order. The Seller would not have the obligation to make the corresponding delivery of the products formerly ordered by the Client if the price is not fully paid beforehand. Unless otherwise stipulated, the Seller would not grant any discount to the Client.


6. Payment and delivery

Unless otherwise agreed in writing and in an explicit manner, the price must be fully paid in cash, the day the order is placed. We have no obligation to proceed to a delivery of products formerly ordered by you if the price is not fully paid to us beforehand. Unless otherwise stipulated, we do not grant any discount.

At the end of the ordering process, the following payment methods could be proposed to make your purchase :

  • Bank card (Blue Card)
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Paypal (Security payment system)
  • Cheque of cheque drawn on a post office account

If you choose a payment by cheque or by cheque drawn on a post office account, please send your cheques to the following address :

Vincent Bottesi
41, Avenue des Allobroges

All payments will be final only after the full and complete collection of the sum by our services. We only accept payments coming from European Union and the United States of America. We are not responsible for the charges related to payments coming from other countries. In the case you are willing to pay by cheque, the order will only be treated after receiving the cheque. The cheque would be filed in order to be collected as soon as they are in our possession.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act (6 January 1978), you have at your disposal the right to access your account, to rectify and to oppose to your whole personal data by writing to, via mail and an official justification of your identity, to

Vincent Bottesi
Services Informatiques et Libertés
41 Avenue des Allobroges

Thank you for understanding.

We exclusively deliver our products in Metropolitan France, including Corsica and in the United States of America. We reserve the right to invalidate or to refuse any order that would provide a delivery to a mailing address situated out of these territories. We work with La Poste to deliver in France.

The products ordered will be dispatched to the address that you gave to us during the subscription and ordering process. It is possible for you to give us a delivery address that differs from the billing address. It is also possible for you to manage various delivery addresses in your account. We are not responsible for the possible delays of delivery caused by an erroneous or incomplete address appearing in your order. For a delivery via La Poste, if the customer is absent when our service provider is coming, the parcel would be left in the nearest post office (near to the delivery address). We decline all responsibilities concerning delays in delivery caused by the absence of the addressee of the parcel or its « no withdrawal » in the time limit left for that purpose.

For deliveries in the United States of America, we collaborate with another delivery society, DHL Global Mail, which offers the same quality of service as La Poste, such as delivery against signature and follow-up. The delivery date varies from 1 to 5 days. Vincent Bottesi cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the products previously ordered on www.vincentbottesi.com. For a delivery in the United States, you will be charged with all the additional delivery expenses

We are bound to deliver all goods ordered on www.vincentbottesi.com in a certain time limit, expressed during the working days, that would appear in the recapitulation of your order as well as in the confirmation of order sent via an Email. The time limit of your delivery starts from the receipt of your payment. If your payment is made by cheque, the time limit of delivery starts from the day of collection of your cheque. If the date of delivery exceeds a period of time of 7 days, with no justification of a force majeure, you may ask for a cancellation of the sale in accordance with article L.114-1 of the French consumer code and get the reimbursement of the sums formerly paid.


When we cannot complete a contract because of a force majeure situation or a fortuitous situation as defined by the French jurisprudence or caused by an unknown irregularity, notably attributable to you, the time limit concerning the delivery would be automatically extended according to the period of impediment. We will inform you via an Email about any unexpected event and the end of such impediments. If the impediment lasts for more than 4 weeks, each party would have the possibility to resign the contract, as part of our right to do so, without any right for you to ask for indemnities or allowances.


7. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the Article L.120-20 of the French consumer code, our consumer clients have at their disposal a time limit of 7 days from the reception of the goods to exercise their right of withdrawal without having to justify with motives or to pay for penalties, except the charges related to the returns of the goods. There is no particular right of withdrawal for products made and prepared according to the customer specifications or clearly customized or products that, because of their singularity cannot be sent back to us or are likely to get damaged or to expire rapidly.

The time limit for a withdrawal is respected if you send back to us the goods in time, according to the time limit formerly specified or if you warn us that you are willing to exercise this right of withdrawal in the same time limit. The notification of your intention to exercise this right of withdrawal may notably be sent to us by mail at

Vincent Bottesi
41, Avenue des Allobroges
or by Email to the following address

For any return of goods you will be required to pay for the mailing expenses to send the products back to us. Please send your returning goods, at your own expense to the following mailing address

Vincent Bottesi
41, Avenue des Allobroges

The goods must be returned to us in their original packaging, in perfect condition, for their remarketing in new condition. For an optimized management of the returning process, we invite you to enclose a letter explaining the reason for returning the products. You have the right to open the packages in order to try on the products delivered as long as it does not damage the goods and make them unsuitable for sale. For commercial reasons, the products will have to be entirely returned to us without damages. No exchange or refund will be completed if the products returned do not respect the conditions formerly stated in this paragraph.

If you are willing to exercise the right of withdrawal in the period of time mentioned, the price of the returning products will be entirely reimbursed by bank transfer on the account you registered for that purpose, as soon as possible, and within 30 days from the withdrawal of the order, at the latest. You could, if you are willing to, choose to opt for our suggestion and another modality of refund (exchange, voucher).


8. Reservation of ownership

We retain title on the goods delivered by us until full payment

The retention of title clause already mentioned does not put an obstacle to the risks of loss or possible damages of the goods that you be fully responsible for from the moment of their dispatching.


9. Conditions of use for discount coupons

The stipulations in the present article only apply to the free discount coupons. The gift certificate are submitted to the dispositions of article 10 of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Vincent Bottesi may give out coupons offering a discount on the price of a purchase, either in absolute value or in percentages. Each coupon clearly specifies the minimum amount of purchase and the validity of the coupon. Some products may be excluded from the discount coupons.

The credit note materialized by the coupon is interest-free, is not refundable and cannot be transferred to a third-party.

It is not possible to use several coupons on the same order.

You could pay the difference between the amount specified on the discount coupon and the financial value of your order with all means of payments proposed on our website.

In the case of a partial or complete return of the goods, the amount of the price paid by the coupon is not refundable.


10. Conditions of use for gift certificates

The stipulations in the present article only apply to the gift certificates that are bought in our services. The discount coupons are submitted to the dispositions of article 9 of these Terms and Condition of Sale.

Gift certificates can only be used for purchase made on www.vincentbottesi.com.

You cannot use gift certificates to purchase other gift certificates.

The credit note materialized by a gift certificate is interest-free and non-refundable.

The purchase of a gift certificate is likely to be cancelled only as long as it has not been used yet. A gift certificate is considered used when it is fully collected, either in the case of a placed order or to bring financial value to a client account credit.

You may pay for the difference between the value of the gift certificate and the amount of your order, by all means of payment proposed on our website.

Vincent Bottesi cannot be liable for the possible loss, theft or illegibility of the gift certificate, in case of mistakes in the spelling of the Email address of the addressee of the gift certificate.

The gift certificates can be transferred. It is forbidden to duplicate, edit or manipulate the gift certificates.

In the case of a fraud, attempts to deceive or suspicion of any illegal practice related to an order paid with one or more gift certificates or during the collection of gift certificates on www.vincentbottesi.com , we reserve the right to close the corresponding client account and/or to ask for the payment with another method of payment. In this case, the customer concerned by this measure could not ask for the unlocking of their account, the refund of credit of the concerned gift certificate(s).


11. Legal guarantee and customer service

In the case of a manufacturing defect, you will be granted the legal guarantees allowed by the outgoing law.

The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us. You may contact us at any time to the following addresses ( mailing and Email) and phone number. We will treat your demand as soon as possible and we will answer your requests after the reception of the various documents related to your demands or to your complaints. The resolution of your complaints may need a certain time because it often implies for us to contact the manufacturers of the products. You can make the resolution of your complaint easier by describing the problem as precisely as possible and by sending to us a copy of the bill or by giving to us the the references of your order (number of order/client references). In case we would not answer your request within 15 days, we invite you to contact us again. Some Emails may be blocked by the anti-spam filter of our computing system.

If you have any questions or complaints, please address them to our after-sale service to the following addresses

Vincent Bottesi
41, Avenue des Allobroges
Hotline France : 0 475 479 048 (national call rates apply)
Email : contact@vincentbottesi.com


12. Protection of personal data and Cookies

We save the personal data you that you provide to us in the process of your order. The automatic collection and the treatment of these personal data are necessary for the management of your order and in our business relations. They can be transmitted to companies that contribute to these relations, such as the companies in charge of the execution of the various services and orders for their management, execution, treatment and payment. These data are kept in our services for security, in order to respect the legal obligation, obligations for regulation and also in order to allow us to improve and to customize the services we offer to you and the data we address to you.


13. Intellectual property

The website www.vincentbottesi.com is an intellectual work protected by intellectual property law. Its content, including all texts, illustrations, pictures, presentations and data are strictly reserved in accordance with the author rights and also by an industrial property title. We grant you a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive license to access the content of the website www.vincentbottesi.com, with no sulicensing right, for simple navigation and utilization related to this website. This license grants you no other rights, in particular the commercial exploitation of the contents in the website www.vincentbottesi.com.

The social designation, appellation and distinguishing features appearing on the website www.vincentbottesi.com are protected by the French and international legislation. Any utilization, reproduction and diffusion, in whole or in part of the features already mentioned in this article is forbidden without prior authorization of the entitled person.


14. Applicable law and concerned courts

The contract relations between us and our customers/clients are exclusively submitted to the French legislation concerning the exclusion of the dispositions in the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 of contracts for the international sale of goods.

In our contractual relations with our professional clients, the courts concerned for our Registered office will be exclusively competent. However, we reserve the right to assign the professional client in the competent court of their Registered Office.


15. Safeguard clause

In these Terms and Conditions, if one of the various dispositions was or became null or inapplicable, the validity of the other dispositions would not be affected. The disposition null or inapplicable would then be replaced by the legal applicable dispositions.

and with DHL Global Mail to deliver in the USA

For deliveries in the United States of America, we collaborate with another delivery society, DHL Global Mail, which offers the same quality of service as La Poste, such as delivery against signature and  follow-up. The delivery date varies from 1 to 5 days. Vincent Bottesi cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the products previously ordered on www.vincentbottesi.com. For a delivery in the United States, you will be charged with all the additional delivery expenses